Well begun is half done

Writing is a matter of pleasure. Though not easy, the writing skills can be acquired through small experiments and gaining comments of people who know us followed by improvement where needed.

The power of writing can be understood from the phrase ‘Pen is Mightier than the Sward’. It speaks a lot of writing skills and its effect. However, to have an edge one has to polish the skills and it comes through a lot of practice. It needs  a lot of patience to write on any subject. A better reader can be a better writer.

Reading has to be followed by analysis. Same way self writing should be followed by self analysis of what is written.

Is the objective of writing achieved? Have we understood our potential reader well? Can we describe him in simple words? Will it create the impact that I wish to have on reader’s mind; etc are some questions that a writer must ponder upon.

Someday we need to start if we feel that we can write good. Use facilities like this one (being author). Be ready to face early hick-ups, its a part of the process. Let people laugh, let them criticize..accept and go ahead. Well begun is half done..So enjoy  trying your writing skills.

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5 Responses

  1. Dan Santos says:

    For this blog to be useful someone needs to check basic grammar and spelling.

  2. John Pearce says:

    The pen is indeed mightier than the sward. I’ve seen pretty swards, green swards, ordinary swards, but never one I would call mighty.

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